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Gods Ghost Laptop Backpack (Black)

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New Ghost adaptation 2.0 ~ Enhanced element overhauls and enhanced nature of materials and development

Transported in, Heavy obligation YKK zippers and sliders

Security : Outer shell fortified with unbreakable fiber inserted sheets for burglary and pick-taking assurance

Water-safe Polyester – Provides prevalent climate and harm security

New, enhanced tablet take – 6 point stretchable instrument gives cozy fit to all portable workstations upto 15.6 Inches show

The Ghost. Will have you. Till you have it. It’s known as a Ghost, since it bewilders you by its radical new plan. An upset in Backpack configuration, GHOST satisfies its name – it uncovers path not as much as what it really withholds. • GHOST’s internal sanctum must be gotten to from its back, which makes it one of a kind, as well as secure from unapproved access by anybody around. It fills in as a security against burglaries and pick stashing. • Traditional knapsacks can be effectively gotten to by razor slicing them or through their unprotected zippers. The external shell of Ghost is razor sliced safe because of the inserted unbreakable fiber sheet fortified inside it. • The Reinforced Fiber inward edge of GHOST fills double need of upgrading style and wellbeing. Worked with the capacity to hold its shape notwithstanding when discharge. It has been intended to be more secure and more secure when riding cruiser, or for every day metro drives. • There are two simple access pockets on each side for fast access of your wallets, keys and anything you require in a hurry. There is an exceptional travel card stockpiling pocket on bear lashes giving much preferable straightforward entry over customary rucksacks. Highlights: • Minimal phantom outline : Remarkable plan captivates everyone. *Patents Granted in European Union (EU), documented in India and USA • Security : Outer shell fortified with unbreakable fiber installed sheets. • Revolutionary Rear opening fundamental compartment : improved wellbeing for riders and suburbanites • Easy access pockets : On each side for access to wallets, keys and whatever else you require in a hurry. The side balances of Ghost ensure these pockets. • Travel card stockpiling on bear ties – Smart and simple access of card exactly when you require them • Theft and Pickpocketing security – Safe when riding bicycles/driving fit as a fiddle holding development notwithstanding when exhaust • Stands independent from anyone else on level surfaces, without requiring support • Three layered Gods extreme development • Reflective Gods marking to make your ‘delegated’ nearness felt, even oblivious! • Wider agreeable lashes • Water repellent, water-safe Polyester • Abrasion safe spotted Polyurethane. • Best quality equipment and super-smooth zippers Interior coordinators : • Separate portable PC compartment – Zippered for 360 degree security. Good with upto 15.6″ portable workstations and 16″ macbooks. • Unique link coordinators – for tangleless capacity of earphones, charging, usb links and so forth • Zippered work compartment – for chargers, mouse, compact speakers. • Separate coordinators for hard drives, PDAs, note pads and so forth • Two expansive elasticated organising pockets on external divider : Store simply anthing. • Sunglasses compartment – Suspended compartment for shades/goggles over side dividers – For security against squashing impacts. Licenses Granted in European Union (EU), India, recorded in USA *Patents Filed for Design and Functionality, all rights held. Phantom” is a lawful exchange characteristic of RoadGods AutoGear Private Limited. It would be ideal if you report counterfeit/fake/duplicated items you discover anyplace to client bolster. Revealing individual might be qualified for a reward under our “Privateer Bounty program

Divine beings – The Almighty Gear

Troublesome items which take care of issues, make one of a kind encounters and bring client please. Our central goal is to make world more effective by making innovatively planned, innovation savvy items, for outside, travel, proficient and mechanical clients.

Exquisite moderate outline

Surprising plan captivates everyone. *Patents Granted in European Union (EU), India, documented in USA

Water bottle compartment

Water Bottle Compartment – Keep water bottle in rucksack while voyaging

Simple Access Pockets

One on each side for access to wallets, keys and whatever else you require in a hurry.

Raise opening for Security Purpose

Upgraded wellbeing for riders and suburbanites. This makes it interesting, as well as secure from unapproved access by anybody around. It fills in as an assurance against burglaries and pickpocketing. Customary knapsacks can be effortlessly gotten to by razor slicing them or through their unprotected zippers.

Extraordinary Spacious Organizers inside

It’s tied in with expanding productivity and decreasing anxiety and mess. Be it tangleless capacity of earphones, charging, usb links and so forth, isolate compartments for Laptop, Documents, Chargers, the Ghost has everything.

About the Startup

The Story

Apoorv was an architect with Adobe frameworks, however a pioneer on a fundamental level. His street trips uncovered a huge amount of issues with the current items. Discovered that items are intended for the utilization, not for the client. Set out on the voyage to take care of issues, make special encounters for the clients. Named the wonder – RoadGods. Ashish, his lesser from building, had quite recently moved on from IIM Indore. Left his activity offers to be a RoadGod. The twosome has since driven RoadGods to realize interruption with its item advancements. There’s substantially more to come. Stay tuned.

Portray your items in three words.

Rich. Moderate. Secure.

How could you think of the thought for this item?

We watched the an enormous number of explorers in people in general transport confront the issue of burglaries and pick-taking where a hoodlum would slice through their sacks with a razor and take their resources. Or, then again essentially, simply open his preferred zipper to haul out stuff. This even does not require much aptitude when contrasted with picking pockets. Since a pocket is still especially coordinate body contact while a knapsack has a few layers of stuff which don’t give a man “a chance to feel an indication” of what is going on in the face of their good faith. Not only workers out in the open transport, even Riders are additionally much inclined to this. Whats more, to make a hoodlum’s activity significantly less demanding many individuals neglect to close their zippers. 🙂 This pulled our thoughtfulness regarding this immense helplessness we go with. Ordinary! Along these lines, this is the means by which the Ghost was considered.

What makes your item extraordinary?

Phantom “frequents” everybody in the face of your good faith. Regardless of whether it is a criminal or a kindred voyager envious of its exquisite negligible outline ! Phantom has no front zippers and is installed with unbreakable fiber sheet which is sliced impervious to razors to not permit anybody in the face of your good faith take from you. Be that as it may, this does not obstruct you from get to your much of the time available stuff. There are speedy access pockets on the two sides of Ghost for your brisk access stuff like wallets, keys and earphones. It opens 180 degrees to give you a chance to compose your stuff quiet. It has two zip bolts on each side with the goal that you don’t open the pack coincidentally spilling out your stuff. There are inside coordinators for every one of your needs, earphones, portable workstation chargers, versatile chargers, mouse, shades and so on have diverse pockets of their own so they don’t disturb each other . Shades are kept in suspended compartment which is ensured on all sides for conceivable effects. Apparition isn’t care for anything you’ve seen or utilized till now, the experience is altogether unique. It will have you, till you have it.

What has been the best piece of your experience?

We’ve been hearing stories from our clients about how Ghost has been making their essence felt out in the open. How individuals have been drifting around Ghost to comprehend what this thing really is . What’s more, when they come to think about what it really is, they are no not as much as astounded. This is the thing that which excites us every day. There, obviously, have been criticism and proposals from clients which we have expert effectively tended to and that is the means by which Ghost develops solid every day. Becoming solid by your affection, we will dispatch this outside India soon, broadcasting the energy of “Outlined and Made in India”. Much obliged to you for this exciting adoration!


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