Mercury turns direct again today – whew! I’ve had about enough of retrograde to last me a long time. Obviously, it wasn’t all awful – I most likely have Mercury to thank for reconnecting with an old companion I haven’t addressed in 10 years!

Today I thought I’d pause for a moment to share a portion of the tarot web journals I’ve been perusing (and LOVING) of late. They’re all incredible assets and are controlled by super-astonishing, super-skilled tarot perusers! I’ve taken in a great deal from every one of them and I trust you will, as well.

I’m continually searching for new ones to peruse, so on the off chance that you have any proposals told me and I’ll look at them! πŸ˜€

  1. The Tarot Lady

I am a HUGE Theresa fangirl. She has everything made sense of: clever and relatable composition, genuinely accommodating assets, and an online life system that is amazing – truly, she’s on pretty much every stage and reliably slaughtering it. Theresa has many years of involvement in the business and her blog is a basic perused on the off chance that you need to improve as a tarot peruser.

  1. Ethony

Ethony is reliably making stunning substance (which she regularly shares for nothing), talking with other astonishing players in the tarot network, being a business manager, and doing everything with beauty and style. Her deck audits are overly valuable in case you’re hoping to make another buy, and on the off chance that you take her free character test you get a free digital book loaded with assets obliged your careful perusing style!

  1. Benebell Wen

Benebell’s blog is an extraordinary assets for the individuals who need to take their tarot readings to the expert level! She offers business guidance for tarot perusers (here and there even enlivened by the cards) and exhaustive deck surveys in the event that you’re needing to make another buy.

  1. Present day Fortune Teller

In the past known as Fiona Benjamin, over on Modern Fortune Teller Fiona writes about the tarot, from tenderfoots’ assets to tips on going professional. She likewise is behind the production of the stunning Lunar Fire tarot deck that is expected to be discharged this mid year!

  1. Minimal Red Tarot

Beth’s blog is stunning. I can’t get over how flawless her composing is – she’s so savvy! She’s presently living in a train on the Isle of Skye. Like what? It doesn’t get a lot dreamier than that. You’re unquestionably going to need to track with her experiences!

  1. Soul Centered Awakenings

Shelby has truly assembled an excellent blog – the design is so quieting to take a gander at! Right now she’s working through the perfect cards of the Lumina Tarot in an arrangement on their implications, so you should look at that on the off chance that you need to comprehend the deck better or simply have an instance of decklust!

  1. The Woman Who Married a Bear

OK, so this one isn’t actually a tarot blog, however Milla reads tarot and discussions about it here and there! For the most part it’s about her and her better half carrying on with what’s fundamentally my fantasy life on an island in the Pacific Northwest. Want the tarot and remain for the stunning exposition, fantastic pictures, and the sentiment of having a place in a spot you’ve never been.

  1. The Cackling Moon

Rose has transformed her YouTube channel into a genuinely astounding asset for fledglings and further developed perusers alike. She does video readings just as educational instructional exercises telling you things like the best way to wash down your deck and how to get familiar with the implications of the cards. I adore her witchy pull recordings!

  1. Upbeat Fish Tarot

Carrie shares tarot spreads, deck and card examinations, and general tarot energy over on her blog! She is very brave extraordinary assets over yonder (and some extremely remarkable blog entry themes, similar to the utilization of lines in the Wild Unknown tarot!)

  1. Celebration Darling

This is super not a tarot blog, yet Gala blogs about tarot and witchery once in a while! For the most part it’s a way of life blog jam-pressed with motivation and her interpretation of Radical Self-Love. In the event that you need to put somewhat more enchantment into your life, you need to look at her.

Obviously this isn’t anyplace NEAR the majority of the astonishing tarot sites out there on the planet – these are only a not many that I’ve been wanting to peruse of late! I’d love to hear which ones you want to peruse – like I stated, I’m continually searching for new online journals to look at! (Also, on the off chance that YOU have one, if it’s not too much trouble told me and I’ll unquestionably take a gander at it!)

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